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Title: Cotton Candy
Characters: Dagger/Zidane
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Rating: G
Summary: Zidane introduces Dagger to the wonders of carnival food.
Notes: Fluff. Very fluffy.

“What is it?” asked Dagger skeptically as she studied the pink blob on a stick in front of her. It looked fluffy, like the fur on a moogle. She wondered if the pink fluffiness would be as soft to the touch as a moogle’s fur.

“It’s cotton candy!” explained Zidane with one of his trademark grins. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had any before. Go on, take it. I got it for ya.”

Dagger hesitantly reached out to touch the pink fuzz. It wasn’t soft, and instead felt sticky to the touch, but gritty, too. “It doesn’t feel like it looks.”

“It’s really tasty,” replied Zidane. “It’s made of melted sugar, and is really sweet. Like you. Come on, Dagger, try some.”

Charmed by the excited look in Zidane’s eyes, Dagger reached forward and accepted the paper cone that supported the sticky-sweet cotton candy. Her fingers brushed against his, which made her flush slightly as she took the treat in her hand.

“Go on, try it,” said Zidane. “I wanna hear what you think.”

Dagger took a small bite of the sugary treat, surprised to see the colored candy darken and melt slightly at the edges because of her warm breath. It’s sweet, and reminded Dagger faintly of fairy dust. The food tasted magical.

“Take a bigger bite!” Zidane leaned closer to Dagger, nearly whispering into her ear. “Cotton candy is not meant to be daintily nibbled.”

She obliged the thief, taking a larger bite of the cotton candy. It fills her mouth with the taste of sugar and sweetness. She lets the taste linger in her mouth before she speaks. “It’s so sweet, but I like it.”

“I thought you would.” Zidane can’t hide the grin from his face. “Go on, finish it if you want. Or we can go try something else. Funnel cakes are good, too. And maybe we can find a snow cone vendor!”

“Snow cones?” asked Dagger, who is still carefully licking at the cotton candy treat. “They’re not made of real snow, right?”

“Of course not, but they’re sweet too.” Zidane leaned forward to steal a bite of Dagger’s dessert.

She nimbly held it up out of his reach. “Not so fast. You can’t steal a present you gave me.”

Zidane shook his head. “Oh come on, Dagger, just a little bite?” He put on his best kicked-puppy look.

Dagger sighed and tore off a decent-sized piece from what is left of the spun sugar on her paper stick. “Here.”

He devoured it in one bite, leaving Dagger a bit flabbergasted. “Don’t you even taste your food?” She asked, astonished.

Zidane gave her his best grin before reaching forward to wipe off some of the sticky sweet cotton candy on Dagger’s cheek. “Maybe. But how about that snow cone now? I’ll let you pick the flavor.”
“So they come in flavors?” Dagger rolled her eyes, but laughed. Still holding onto the now-empty paper stick that held the cotton candy, she smiled when Zidane took her hand to lead her to the next vendor.

She suspected that no matter what other foods Zidane made her try today, she would always like the cotton candy best.

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