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Title: Unexpected
For: Tiny Baby Phoenix 4!
Medium: Fic
Request(s): Fandom/Request 3: (FFV) Faris, wherever she lands post-game, stuck as something other than a pirate.
Fandom(s): Final Fantasy V
Characters/Pairings: Faris, mentions of Bartz, Lenna
Rating/Warnings: PG
Feedback: Um, be gentle. I haven't played FFV in about five years.
Spoilers: Through the whole game.
Word Count: 1265
Summary: Faris is not content to be a princess or a pirate. But what will she be?

Notes: It's un-beta'd, and I haven't played FFV in about five years, so my characterization of Faris might be kind of on the fuzzy side. I totally apologize if it seems awkward in any parts. Also, I was sort of experimenting with a style I don't usually deal with. But I simply adore Faris, and this prompt caught my eye for some reason--I think because I don't know if I see Faris being a pirate after the game either. I'd been considering replaying FFV purely because of Faris (and Bartz to a lesser extent), and this fic might be the push I need to go through with that thought! Anyway, I hope you at least sort of like it. Originally written for [ profile] ff_exchange, Phoenix Down prompt~

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