stardustproxy: Clap. Clap. Slap. (Yachiru)

Yachiru was standing on her tip-toes, trying to look as tall and formidable as possible. However, when you're only three feet tall with a mass of adorable pink hair, neither tall or formidable is a possible look to achieve.

So Yachiru settled on her Plan B.

Complete and total annoyance.

"Whhhhhhhhat, Ken-chan? You said I could have a tea party! You promised! And are you gonna break your promise? I wanna have a tea party! Birdy-head even helped me get tea and those special mini cakes with the frosting that you like with the sherbert and the pink roses! Just for you Ken-chan. You gotta come to my tea party with me!"

"Brat, I said you could have a tea party. Not that I gotta go to the stupid thing. Now quit your whining and yer belly-achin' and go have your stinkin' tea... thingy."

Kenpachi shot Yachiru his best attempt at a formidable look. Unfortunately for him, Yachiru knew this look very well.

It meant she was winning.

So when Yachiru held her tea party in the 11th Division courtyard three hours later, with her frosted flowery cakes on delicately porcelan teacups, it was of no surprise to those that knew the duo to find Kenpachi, brute of the entire court of souls, sitting alongside her, holding a teacup very awkwardly, sloshing tea over the sides of the cup.

While wearing a very lacy sun bonnet.

Bleach, Ken and Yachiru... fluff.
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