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Title: My Girlfriend's Better Than Yours
Characters: Zidane, Tidus, Dagger, Yuna
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy X crossover
Rating: G
Words: 234
Summary: Boys will argue over anything.

“Hey,” said Tidus as he flopped down in the grassy field next to Zidane. “I hear that your girlfriend’s a summoner.”

“Yeah,” said Zidane. “Dagger’s a great summoner.”

“Yuna’s better,” replied Tidus. “Or she was, at least.”

“No way, man. Dagger’s an awesome summoner. She could totally control Bahamut. And she and Eiko got to summon Alexander.”

“You guys have a Bahamut, too?” asked Tidus. “He was pretty annoying back when he was a summon in our world.”

“Oh right! Back when you were the dream and everybody thought you were pretty much dead?” said Zidane.

“Ouch, man. Was a dream. Was,” corrected Tidus. “And besides, you shouldn’t talk. Didn’t everyone pretty much think you were dead?”

“Hey! At least I actually got married to my girlfriend,” shot back Zidane. “Yours married a dead guy.”

“Yuna’s still a better summoner.”

“Dagger’s the best.”



“At least Tidus makes me laugh?” said Yuna with a nervous shrug as she settled in next to Dagger to watch the boys argue.

“I suppose we should be flattered they’re arguing over us,” mused Dagger.

“Want me to teach you how to play Sphere Break?” asked Yuna. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Dagger nodded. “Okay, sure,” she said. “I’m terrible at Tetra Master, but maybe I’d be better at Sphere Break.”

“And what about the boys?” asked Yuna.

“Continue to ignore them?” suggested Dagger.

“I like that idea.”
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