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Title: Motherhood
Characters: Garnet/Zidane, original fandom children
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Garnet enjoys being a mother more than she ever imagined possible.
Notes: Babies! The fic that inspired the set I've been posting this week, really. Extra fluff with a side of fluff. For Spring Break Extragavanza/Fluff Fic Week. Enjoy. Ties in ever-so slightly with the other three: Forever, Announcement and Welcome.

Garnet doesn’t know how, but she’s taken to motherhood like a fish to water. It astounds her really, because she was raised mostly by nurses, and when she was older, there were governesses and lessons and Dr. Tot. She loved her mother very much – both of her mothers, even if she can’t quite remember her birth mother – but they never gave her much of an example to follow.

Her earliest memories of Brahne involve looking longingly at her mother dressed in her finest for a ball or ceremony that Garnet herself was too young to attend. She had a fine time with her nurse at the time, who had probably been the nicest of all the ones she had been given. That nurse let little Garnet dress up in her very best dress and the two of them had a tea party in the princess’s quarters while the grand ball was going on downstairs. Garnet remembers crying when that particular nurse was let go less than a month later, replaced with a governess who was a bit old and very strict and who had never liked tea parties very much.

She’s still surprised that she was able to become a mother in the first place, given the fact that she married Zidane, with his fascinating genetic history, and that well, she’s a summoner from the village of Madain Sari. Garnet wasn’t too surprised when her daughters, both of them, were born with tails and horns. The people of Alexandria might have wondered how on earth their two newest princesses could look like that, but as they loved their queen, no one was rude enough to wonder aloud. Garnet was so by her babies that their looks never bothered her in the slightest. They were healthy and they were happy and they were her daughters. Hers.

Garnet’s daughters are babies now, but she can’t help but look at them and dream of the future they’re going to have. She’s going to let them host tea parties with the good china and slide down the banister and jump rope in the throne room and do all the things she wanted to do but was never allowed to while she was growing up in the castle.

“Do you think they can sleep with us when they have nightmares?” Zidane whispers from behind Garnet, interrupting her thoughts. He slips an arm around his wife’s waist and squeezes it gently.

Garnet sighs and a surge of love flows though her for Zidane. She loves him so much, even when he pulls her away from her paperwork and interrupts her meetings and always makes her fifteen minutes late for important state dinners. She loves him because of that, really.

“Absolutely. I insist,” says Garnet, her voice hardly more than a whisper. “But only if you promise to read them a bedtime story every night.”

“That’s a given, Dagger! Hey, do you think they’ll draw on the walls of the dining room?” asks Zidane.

“I think if they don’t get that idea on their own, you’ll probably encourage them to anyway.” Garnet nods and leans into his arms.

“Well, you did say that you never liked that wallpaper very much,” points out her husband.

“That’s not necessarily an excuse to destroy it,” reminds Garnet. “Although it does mean I’d probably get less mad if that particular wallpaper was drawn on.”

“You’re too nice to get mad about something like that, Dagger,” scoffs Zidane. “And watch, they’ll draw something that says I love my mommy with big chalk drawings of hearts and you’ll turn into goo which would totally get rid of any mad feelings.”

“You know me too well,” muses Garnet.

“I did marry you,” answers Zidane. “And look, we’re parents now.” He wraps a second arm around his wife and hugs her from behind. “Two in one go, huh?”

“It’s wonderful, isn’t it?” Garnet sighs again, content. “I suppose we should enjoy this while we can.”

“Imagine when they get older and start driving Rusty crazy!” says Zidane, his eyes growing excited.

“You’re going to help them, aren’t you?” remarks Garnet. “Does that mean I’m going to have three children to raise already?”

“Aw, but you love us anyway,” points out Zidane. “And look, when Ruby’s kids get a little older, and Freya’s kids and even Rusty’s kid, you can invite them all over and turn the castle into a zoo. You know you’ll love it.”

“You’re right, I will,” replies Garnet. “I can hardly wait.”
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