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Title: Daughter and Son
Characters: Yuna, Jecht
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Rating: PG
Summary: Yuna tries to get to know her father's newest guardian, with limited success.
Notes: Inspired by the bit in the game where Yuna tells Tidus that Jecht showed her the Jecht Shot when she was a little girl.

Yuna eyed her father’s newest guardian with great interest. The neighbors had whispered that her father had lost his mind again, accepting a second guardian of questionable sanity. The young girl was largely ignored, and the gossip in her neighborhood in Bevelle reached her ears almost too easily.

“Are you crazy like Ms. Tilla upstairs says?” she asked the new guardian curiously. “She says my daddy’s a traitor to Yevon. Are you a traitor, too?”

Jecht looked at the seven-year old girl suspiciously. Children had always been a mystery to him, and Braska’s daughter was no exception. They would be spending a day in Bevelle before taking a ship to Besaid to begin the long summoner’s pilgrimage. Auron and Braska had ventured off to find food fit to make a meal for the four of them to share that evening. Braska wanted everything to be just right for what would probably be the last evening meal he would share with his young daughter.

Yuna had wanted to go with her father, but Braska worried for her safety, knowing that he and his guardians were all still considered failures to the fayth. He wanted to spare her the insults and verbal grief sure to greet Braska once he and Auron entered the market square. More than anything, he wanted his little girl to be a child for as long a possible.

So Jecht, just freed from his cell in Bevelle and not fit to wander around town, was given the ever-important task of watching little Yuna. Although he didn’t quite see it that way. Yuna was seven and asked too many questions for her own good as far as he was concerned.

“Too many questions, kid,” said Jecht, leaning back against the chair in the living room of the small first-floor apartment. “Can’t you go play with someone your own age?”

“Most of the neighbors won’t let me play with ‘em,” Yuna replied. She climbed up on the sofa and scooted next to Jecht. “They don’t like me or my daddy.”

“Oh,” replied Jecht, surprised. His son might’ve been a twerp, but at least the boy always had friends over. Too many some days as far as Jecht was concerned.

“They don’t like my daddy because he married my mama,” Yuna continued, unaware that Jecht had spoken. “That’s why my Uncle Cid doesn’t talk to us much either. But daddy says that my mama loved me very much. She gave me my green eye. Can you see it?” Yuna leaned even closer to Jecht, pointing at her one green eye. “Isn’t it pretty?”

“Real nice,” answered Jecht. “The blue eye’s from Braska, then?”

“Yep!” Yuna smiled. “I’m special ‘cause I got two different colored eyes. I can see the world in two different per-per- ways, says my daddy. My daddy is the best.”

“Your dad’s not too bad,” agreed Jecht. “He got me out of that cell, so I guess that makes him pretty good in my books.”

“My daddy is the best!” Yuna’s eyes grew serious, and she leaned over and gave Jecht a very fierce hug. “He’s gonna go away and save the world and I won’t get to see him anymore. So you gotta take good care of him, promise?”

Surprised, Jecht found himself nodding. “Sure, kid, sure.”

“My name’s not kid. It’s Yuna!” She pouted, crossing her arms over her chest. “Yuna. It means moon! And I was named after the great Yunalesca!”

“Okay, fine, Yuna,” corrected Jecht. “Anyway, back in Zanarkand, I gotta kid about your age.”

“Oh really? What’s his name? What does he look like? Is he nice like you?” Yuna curled up next to Jecht, a bit of a spark returning to her eyes.

“Slow down, ki—er, Yuna.” Jecht tried not to feel too awkward about the girl currently clinging to his side. It reminded him a little too much about the boy back in Zanarkand who used to do that, before Jecht pushed him away one time too many.

“Well, start! I wanna know,” Yuna was impatient, and Jecht wondered if she’d ever learn to outgrow that. He doubted his kid ever would.

“Well, he’s named Tidus. And he’s about your height, with brown hair and brow—er, blue eyes, and I guess he’s nice. He cries a whole lot, though. Over every little thing,” said Jecht.

“Aw, is Tidus sad?” asked Yuna. “I’d like to meet him. Maybe we can play with my dolls and I’ll help him feel less sad. Or we can play house. I’ll be the mama. He can be the daddy and act like mine does!”

“So, Yuna, have you heard of blitzball?” Jecht wanted to steer the conversation away from Zanarkand as much as possible.

“Yeah!” Yuna grinned. “They play at the stadium in Luca all the time. I like Psyches best, ‘cause Daddy said that was Mama’s favorite team.”

“I play blitzball, best player on the Zanarkand Abes!” gloated Jecht. “I bet your dad and Sir Stuffy aren’t gonna be back for another hour or two. Wanna go outside and let me show you a move or two of mine?”

“Really?” Yuna’s breathless excitement was contagious.

“Sure, and afterward, we can get ice cream. You know of an ice cream place around here?” Jecht was feeing inspired.

“Yeah! There’s one just two streets over. They make the best chocolate chip cookie dough. With sprinkles,” gushed little Yuna. She leapt off the sofa, grabbing Jecht’s hand and leading him to the door. “Come on! Show me! Show me!”

As the two left the apartment together, Jecht wondered if fatherhood would be easier if he had been given a daughter instead of well, Tidus.
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