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Title: Sneaking Out
Characters: Dagger/Zidane
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes you just need a night out.
Notes: Written for the FF OTP War thread, found here.

Garnet jumps backwards behind a statue at the sound of splashing from near the front of the palace. Getting caught would ruin any plans she has in mind for the evening.

When the splashing sounds continue, her curiosity gets the better of her, and she peers over toward the direction of the water. The hood of her cloak falls back around her shoulders as she leans forward to see. Once she gets a look at source of the sound, she gives up on hiding and goes forward to greet the figure, now sitting in the middle of the fountain.

Zidane is standing there, dripping wet from head to toe. Garnet resists the urge to reach out and wring his dripping tail, but she is unable to stop the mental comparison of him to a drowned rat.

"Why are you in the water?" she asks, not entirely sure if she wants to know the answer.

"I thought I'd try swimming?" replies Zidane, an edge of sarcasm creeping into his tone.

Garnet shakes her head and removes her cloak, which she hands to him in lieu of a towel. "Nevermind. Why are you here?"

"I heard the Queen wanted an audience," he replies, taking her cloak. "Why do you have that with you? You never wear it anymore."

"I was considering going to see a show at Ruby's mini theater," Garnet responds. "And if you aren't going to dry yourself with it, then I'll take it back."

"Wait. You were sneaking out to go to Ruby's theater?" Zidane raises an eyebrow.

"Well, someone I know was supposed to be preforming there tonight," she replies. "The ability to make a dramatic appearance is not exclusive to you, I'll have you know."

"Hey," responds Zidane. "I snuck away from Ruby's to come over and see you."

"But instead we meet halfway." Garnet smiles at that. "It seems we had the same idea."

"Great minds think alike, Dagger." Zidane raises one eyebrow in something that is a cross between hopeful and lecherous. "Want to go have some fun?"

"I don't think your idea of fun is the same as mine," Garnet says as she hits him lightly on the shoulder, forgetting that he is still standing in the fountain. Together they tumble into the water, and they are both drenched.

Zidane smirks as he pulls himself out of the fountain. With a mischievous gleam in his eye, he takes Garnet's hand and pulls her out of the water was well. "This was not exactly how I planned to get you wet this evening."

The sound of laughter rings in the night air, along with a decisive splash, as Garnet pushes Zidane back into the water.

Real life has been kind of hit or miss lately (mostly miss), but inspiration seems to be crawling back from the brink. I hope to write a couple more things this month. ^_^
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